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Harvesting Hope

Help your neighbors through life’s difficult times by funding the free/low cost support & coaching groups.

Versa3D by CreateAll. 3D Print. Laser. Mill.

The Versa3D is your personal desktop fabrication machine. Technology Art & Creative Retail Why should precision fabrication be limited to machine shops and fab labs? With Versa3D, you have your own three-in-one fabrication machine. When designing the Versa3D,...

RePresidency: Civil War

By Rian Heist Contest the Election of 1860 with Presidents and Civil War themed cards that include; Generals, Battles, and Spies! Go Back to the Days When the “Party of Lincoln” was really the party of Lincoln. And You Get Much More Than a Vote!...

The Sexiest Underwear on the Planet

Buy-one, give-one men’s and women’s underwear helping Survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Buy One Item, and the Company Will Give a Free Item to a Survivor of Sexual Assault You can buy men’s or women’s undies; either way,...

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Santa’s Sleigh Ride

Santa’s Sleigh Ride is a 15-30 minute racing game for 2-6 players, ages 5+. The object of the game is to race other “Santas” throughout the world, stopping at highly populated cities along the way to deliver gifts. The first player to arrive back at the North Pole wins the game. But, watch out! Your journey along the Candy Cane Path will be filled with a few twists and turns.

O’Keefe Music Foundation Album

Our project is simply this–produce more content and help more children share their gifts with a global audience. This material will then be released through several different media: videos, digital downloads, 7 inch vinyl records and 12 inch vinyl records.

Skinny Piggy Kombucha: drink to your health!

Let’s face it, soda isn’t the healthiest drink in the world. Teas and juices are cool but sometimes you just want something different. So about a year ago we decided to open a small brewery in Cincinnati, Ohio called Skinny Piggy and started making kombucha. Kombucha ROCKS!


When a Halloween party in a mansion full of secrets turns deadly, can you survive the night? An online-only isometric action game for up to 12 people, our goal is to put you inside a new type of survival horror game where every character you encounter is another player – and one of them is a killer.


A career education platform to connect Career Seekers (students and adults ages 13+) with Skills Providers (colleges, universities and career training centers) and Employers. benobe will offer its application for FREE to Career Seekers – giving them access to career exploration and options on their phone, their tablet or their laptop – enabling smarter career decisions.

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Kapture – A Successful Cincinnati Campaign

Crowdfunding through Kickstarter was the best way for us to find out whether our product could succeed in the market. The money was one thing, but the feedback we received throughout our campaign from real customers is what really propelled us forward. To surpass our $150K goal in just 30 days, we had to raise a lot of awareness for a product that people couldn’t experience. Thanks to the rallying support from Cincinnati’s burgeoning startup ecosystem, we were able to cross the finish line. Having the added support of QCC would have definitely made our efforts even more fruitful and much less from-scratch. After all, it’s the local audience that you can really count on.

Matthew Dooley

CEO and Founder, Kapture