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Wooden d6 Dice

About this project – From the Founder: “For as long as I can remember I’ve been making things. I am always working on a project of some kind.  Lately, I’ve been making aluminum dice. Both standard d6’s and also hex d6’s.  Working...

With Grace B. Bold™ | Luxurious Post-Mastectomy Womenswear

With Grace B. Bold™ is a luxurious collection of post-mastectomy womenswear in support of women undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Each piece in this collection is named after a woman in the founder’s life who has battled breast cancer. In 2017, and estimated...

Cutman Barber Shop – In Walnut Hills

Cutman Barbershop marries two pastimes – watching boxing and going to the barbershop – which were once an important part of American culture, but whose popularity has faded over time. At first glance, Cutman isn’t much different than many of the other barbershops...

Hawkeye35 Adapter Kit

The Kodak Brownie Hawkeye is one of the most iconic cameras of all time. Between 1949 and 1961, millions were sold, and it quickly became the favorite camera of families all over the world. Unfortunately, the camera was designed to take 620 film, which has not been...

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Igniting Queen City Clay

Introducing Queen City Clay Queen City Clay wants to give you an art experience. We have no agenda and no hidden plans for your future at the shop. We simply know that when we get clay in someone’s hands and give them the tools to succeed, they change. People gain...


Store Your Stuff Under Your Venue Seat! Take Me Out To The Ball Game – With My Neet Seat!  – Store Your Coat. Store Your Purse. Store Your Umbrella. The Neet Seat is a first-of-its-kind device that easily slips over a stadium or arena seat and provides a...

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Kapture – A Successful Cincinnati Campaign

Crowdfunding through Kickstarter was the best way for us to find out whether our product could succeed in the market. The money was one thing, but the feedback we received throughout our campaign from real customers is what really propelled us forward. To surpass our $150K goal in just 30 days, we had to raise a lot of awareness for a product that people couldn’t experience. Thanks to the rallying support from Cincinnati’s burgeoning startup ecosystem, we were able to cross the finish line. Having the added support of QCC would have definitely made our efforts even more fruitful and much less from-scratch. After all, it’s the local audience that you can really count on.

Matthew Dooley

CEO and Founder, Kapture