MYCincinnati (Music for Youth in Cincinnati) is a free, daily youth orchestra program for children in Price Hill, run by Price Hill Will. Founded on the idea that personal transformation can be achieved by striving toward musical excellence, students enrolled in MYCincinnati have the opportunity to study an orchestral instrument and play in an ensemble.

Currently there are over 100 students enrolled that meet for at least 2 hours every day after school. MYCincinnati is a program of Price Hill Will, a non-profit comprehensive community development organization that serves East, West, and Lower Price Hill.

BUT, the program needs funding to buy new cases, music, mouthpieces, supplies and one more trombone to supplement the 4 instruments that I am donating to get the program started!  Please help make this elective program possible with a generous donation and introduce these young musicians to the awesome power of brass playing in both chamber and orchestral contexts!

Sean McGhee, Campaign Leader,  is a founding member of both the Ohio River Brass Quintet which frequently performs contemporary works in the Cincinnati area and the Blue Ridge Trombone Quartet. When not performing, Sean is either teaching young brass musicians or running on a trail somewhere.

Children playing instruments in Price Hill
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