Lead your nation, form and break alliances and take control of the Starship in a retro-futuristic game of deckbuilding and area-control.

“Another reality, another Earth. World War II is still on and the dreaded nuclear apocalypse is casting its shadow over mankind. With no resolution in sight, League of Nations has partnered with a team of top scientists to give the conflicted governments a new, grand and uniting goal: to colonize Mars. Thus, a colossal Starship was built, with 4 nations that would come on board: USA, United Kingdom, Soviet Union and the Third Reich.”

That’s the start of this exciting game! AVA Starship is a deck-building area control game for 2-4 players using a modular board. Lead your people, gain advantage and secure key modules of the Starship.

You can be a part of it if you back the campaign before its December 31 deadline, and the campaign reaches its $goal. The Kickstarter page has terrific pictures and a great story, so check it out!

Ava Starship – Take Control!


Review of Łukasz M. Pogoda – game designer

“AVA Starship provides intense gaming experience for 2-4 players, building on unresistably attractive retro-futuristic theme. Do not hesitate to try it out.”

What’s unique and cool in AVA Starship – Quotes and Opinions

  • Unique story: “Retro factions from World War II going over a starship trying to play out the whole domination war on a starship.”
    • Replay-ability: “Layout of the board is different every time.”
    • “Lots of different things in the game, but it’s not overwhelming – it’s very simple to teach and get running – but then you get a lot of interesting decisions to make which is the sign of an interesting game.”
    • “Old-school comic books and toys style art.”
    • “Has nice meaty negotiation game beyond the game.”
  • “Cards have multiple uses which gives you tough decisions – it increases the tension at the table.”

Support NOW! This campaign ends on Dec. 31.

It is All-or-Nothing, and will launch only if the funding goal is reached.

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