Cutman Barbershop marries two pastimes – watching boxing and going to the barbershop – which were once an important part of American culture, but whose popularity has faded over time.

At first glance, Cutman isn’t much different than many of the other barbershops around town. The space is comfortable, the hot towels are relaxing, and the barbers are friendly. What most separates Cutman from other shops, however, is that the services Cutman’s team performs in the community outside the shop are just as important to them as the services they provide inside it.

Since opening the doors of its Covington location in 2015, Cutman’s  team has served hundreds of clients and been a part of several initiatives that have shifted the momentum in a city that for decades had been on the decline.

Being a part of that transformation has inspired Cutman to cross the Ohio River and help another community that won’t go down without a fight.

Walnut Hills is a neighborhood that is rapidly changing, but refuses to be stripped of its identity. It’s authentic, gritty, and real. It is a community full of pride and home to many residents and business owners who want to see it come out on top. It just needs a Cutman in its corner! 

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