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The Plot

The Dreadful Objects is a supernatural mystery. It’s about the power of seemingly ordinary objects to control our everyday lives and even determine our fates. Jamie, the protagonist, inherits the sprawling estate of his distant uncle, a semi-famous Horror Novelist, after his uncle’s tragic suicide. His uncle is a semi-famous horror novelist, known for his unfinished trilogy, The Dreadful Objects. Each book in his uncle’s unfinished trilogy, The Dreadful Objects, evolves around a cursed object that creates devastation and destruction in its owner’s life. They may reflect actual events! Read the novel to find out.

You can read the first few draft chapters on the Kickstarter page, to see how much you like the Novel. I liked it A LOT!

The Author

This is Chris Cooper’s first novel. He has finished the novel, and this campaign will enable him to to have the manuscript professionally edited, typeset, and to develop cover art. Chris is a lifelong resident of Greater Cincinnati, and a graduate of Walnut Hills High School and the University of Cincinnati, and he is now an instructor at UC. Let’s support this Native Son!

He’s the Man in Yellow, below.

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