3D Printer Build Surface


Use the EZ Stick Build Surface to get a smooth, shiny surface every time


How It Works

EZ Stick fits any 3D printer. We received an amazing response to our original Build Plates, but there are so many different 3D printers out there that we couldn’t make a different size to fit each one. To solve this problem, EZ Stick is made from a durable high-temperature polymer film that you can easily trim with scissors to fit your build platform.
Clean & simple install.  EZ Stick has high-temperature pressure-sensitive adhesive backing so that it can be attached to any Build Platform in seconds Рno binder clips needed. The thick durable polymer film makes it easy to get a smooth, bubble-free application.
Advanced Coating Technology. What makes GeckoTek the best Build Surface? Material Science. We developed our high tech coatings from scratch, specifically for 3D printing. After 1,000 hours of testing and 200 formulas, we found the right balance of adhesion while printing and release when the part is finished. We have torture-tested these Build Surfaces with all major printer brands to make sure that every EZ Stick Build Sheet will last for over 100 prints. See the full list of printers and filaments below.
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