Grandiloquent Words + Lavish Illustrations

Be the first in your crowd to use the eloquent Words of the Day to impress your friends!

Nothing in life is better than getting a good laugh! And Jason Ott, the Calendar Creator, is an expert at taht. This calendar gives you impressive, and hilarious, words to use each day of the month. It’s fun, and educational. The 2017 Calendar was a big success, so this one is sure to entertain.

Now, on to the details of craftsmanship. Each calendar will be beautifully printed on premium stock using soy inks (in deference to Mother Earth).

Jason the Creator, our Northern Ky. Neighbor

Jason Travis Ott is an artist and graphic designer who is best known for his entertaining and educational “Grandiloquent Word of the Day”. This illustrated online lexicon is a lighthearted effort to illuminate a bevy of wonderful and sometimes whimsical words that will elevate any conversation to the next level and beyond.

Before becoming a graphic designer, he experimented with various occupations, including telemarketer, portrait photographer, forklift operator, and bouncer. His devotion to creating art and a love of language remained constant throughout these developmental days.

Jason lives in the rolling hills of Northern Kentucky with his beloved wife, two adorable dogs, and a cat who looks crabby but is actually just a big ball of fluffy love.


This Campaign ends on July 20