Information for Campaigners

What This Site Does For You

This site is an additional resource you can use to make your crowdfunding campaign more effective with contributors in the Cincinnati region. Our goal is to increase the quality and visibility of your campaign to Cincinnatians, and strengthen the Cincinnati community in the process.

This is not a Portal site that manages your campaign, like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc. Rather it’s an additional, free location that you can use to publicize the campaign you are launching on that Portal.

  • We publicize your campaign to this Region.
  • You also get extra resources to aid your campaign, like the ability to easily host meetings with interested contributors, list testimonials from locals, add additional videos, pictures and content that is not on the Portal, etc.

We have developed connections with the Cincinnati region’s press, blogging community and business support groups that extend your reach beyond your friends and acquaintances, into the broader Cincinnati community.


You will also find links to curated sources of information, and definitions of crowdfunding terms, on this site.

Our goal is to increase

the quality and visibility

of your campaign,

and strengthen the

Cincinnati community

in the process.

How You Benefit

  • We’ll tell your story to local media channels
  • We’ll connect you to our extensive network of potential Contributors
  • We’ll broadcast your campaign to local groups who love what you do
  • We’ll give you more space to add content that appeals to a local audience

What To Do On This Site 

  • Get advice from successful Cincinnati-based crowdfunders
  • Connect with the planet’s best advice about crowdfunding, through our curated links
  • Find all the reputable Portals, and decide which is best for you

Next Steps


Before You Launch learn about Crowdfunding – what it is and why it’s important.


Learn how to add your crowdfunding campaign to Queen City Crowdfunding.


Use Crowdfunding Best Practices to manage your campaign.