Information for Contributors

Why Be a Crowdfunder?

  • Be the first in your crowd to get a cool new product. You can, or purchase a discount, on the products that your favorite venter will be making.
  • Help a new locally-owned store open in your neighborhood. You can search by neighborhood on the Map on this site.
  • Back a new local service business. From yoga to babysitting to tailgating, you will find local services you can use.
  • Support a technology startup. These ventures provide high-paying jobs and make Cincinnati an attractive place for young professionals.

Crowdfunding is The New Philanthropy

By backing businesses and projects we enable entrepreneurs -our most dynamic and innovative people – to create businesses and jobs. As Paul Samuelson said in Newsweek, “Without Entrepreneurs We’re All Dead.”

Crowdfunding Creates Jobs and Supports Innovators

Billions of dollars have been raised by crowdfunding campaigns globally, and over 325 new campaigns are launched each day. Our region must share can excel at growth if we all support our innovators.

Cincinnati Has Seen Some Impressive Successes

  • GoSun solar oven raised more than $200,000 to produce its innovative outdoor ovens, which are great for campers, and for the third world locations without fuel. It pre-sold ovens through its Kickstarter campaign, and is now producing and shipping them to its happy Contributors.
  • Kapture raised over $160,000 to produce its innovative audio wristband, and is now shipping product. Its crowdfunding campaign enabled it to mature to the point where private investors have funded it with larger amounts.
  • Frameri raised more than $63,000 for its innovative interchangeable eyeglass frames, and has now raised follow-on capital and is producing its frames in Cincinnati.

Take advantage of all that QCC has to offer: new campaigns, crowdfunding resources, and more!

But many campaigns fail because the entrepreneurs cannot get the word out effectively to the local community.

Cincinnatians can now easily support local crowdfunding campaigns through Queen City Crowdfunding. Here you can locate campaigns that appeal to you, get cool rewards and build Cincinnati’s growing reputation for innovation. And in the process you create jobs for our community.

Crowdfunding is done on ‘Portals’ which are websites like, where contributors make their contributions via credit card. This site is not a portal -it is an extra site that publicizes local campaigns that are hosted on a Portal. Here you can find a local campaign you like, learn about it, then click over to its host Portal to make your contribution.

If you are new to crowdfunding, visit the Introduction page.

Why Use Queen City Crowdfunding?

There are more than 190 crowdfunding Portals, and more open every week. Some are generalists, and some specialize –, for example, just does food ventures.

With QCC, you will

  1. Find all the interesting local campaigns on one site
  2. By subscribing for Updates you get information about the new campaigns as they are launched
  3. See information that’s important to Greater Cincinnatians
  4. Hear about local events held by the crowdfunders, and/or arrange a personal meeting with the innovator

In sum, you can easily keep your finger on the pulse of local innovation.

How to Use

It’s easy

  1. Explore the Campaigns by Category or Neighborhood, or Browse them all
  2. When you find a Campaign you like, Click on the Portal link to pick your Rewards and contribute by credit card
  3. Share the good news with your friends and family, and invite them to become part of the In-Crowd

“If you give someone a fish, you feed her for a day. if you teach her how to fish, you feed her for life. (ancient proverb)
If you back her campaign to buy a fishing boat, you create jobs and feed the whole crew for life.”