Our goal is to build our local community by supporting local entrepreneurs, innovators and creatives to build their local businesses and projects, and grow the Cincinnati region. 

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is ‘funding by the crowd’, i.e. a large number of people each contributing to fund a project, a cause or a business. Crowdfunding started as a way for artists and musicians to fund their projects, but now entrepreneurs are also using it to create new businesses and jobs.

A person who wants to raise money by crowdfunding (called a ‘Campaigner’) posts the campaign on a ‘Portal’ website like Kickstarter or Indiegogo or one of the dozens of smaller Portals. Individuals who want to support the campaign (“Contributors” make contributions on the Portal via credit card. The contributors may  may receive a reward or may invest in the campaign (more on this below), or may simply give the money if the campaign is for a charity.

The crowdfunding movement has grown explosively in the past 4 years, with $5.1 Billion contributed in 2013 (vs. $530 Million in 2009, the year Kickstarter launched). And it continues to streak higher. Cincinnatians should take advantage of this surge.

What is Queen City Crowdfunding?

QCC helps campaigners publicize their crowdfunding campaigns to the Cincinnati region’s communities, and helps interested contributors find our region’s campaigns in a single place.

Until now, to find a Cincinnati crowdfunding campaign you had to visit many different Portals, then search each of those sites by location. And if you searched for ‘Cincinnati’ you wouldn’t find campaigns in, for example, our Northern Kentucky or Southwest Indiana suburbs, or in nearby towns like Hamilton or Middletown.

QCC is designed to solve that problem, easily connecting Greater Cincinnati contributors with Greater Cincinnati campaigners to fund innovation and create jobs.

QCC  is not a ‘Portal’ website that manages campaigns, such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo. This is an “Interactive Magazine” for local crowdfunding campaigns – an additional place to publicize a campaign that is being launched on a Portal, and a place for Cincinnatians to find and support local campaigns.




Unfortunately most Cincinnatians don’t hear about the local campaigns, and most local campaigns fail to reach their goals. That is where Queen City Crowdfunding comes in.

Our goals are:

  • to connect local citizens with  our communities of entrepreneurs, innovators and creative people,
  • to build their local businesses and projects, and
  • to grow the Cincinnati region’s economy

Here on QCC people in our region can focus on local campaigns that support our small businesses and innovators, and strengthen Greater Cincinnati.

Types of Crowdfunding

There are two basic categories of crowdfunding:

  • Crowdfunding for Rewards, or Donation Crowdfunding, where a crowd-member does not invest money in the campaign expecting a return on that investment, but contributes money for a physical reward (like a discount on the future product) or for nothing if the campaign supports a charity.
  • Investment Crowdfunding, where a crowd-member invests in the campaign’s business, either becoming an owner, or making a loan to the business. This type involved the ‘sale of a security’ under federal and state securities laws, and invokes a fearsome set of rules and regulations.

For more information see the Resources and Definitions pages on this site.

This site publicizes only Crowdfunding-for-Rewards campaigns, since our goal is to grow our community by supporting worthy entrepreneurs and causes, not getting involved in the investment world.


Cincinnati’s Potential

This region is known for its philanthropy. We are supporting the New Philanthropy, aimed at creating jobs and enriching lives in our region. No charity helps an individual as much a getting her a job. By supporting innovative ventures we can launch job-creating businesses and, in the long term, create the next generation of Cincinnati philanthropists.

Cincinnati was voted the third-best city for young entrerepenerus in the US on under30CEO.com, and the third most affordable place to live in the country in 2014 by Forbes Magazine. Those facts provide a powerful platform for launching innovative ventures and growing the region’s economy.

The next step is to get out entire regional community involved in building on that platform. Enter Queen City Crowdfunding.


If you are interested in crowdfunding your (ad)venture, on this site you can

  • Learn whether crowdfunding is a viable option for you
  • Find the best crowdfunding portal for your campaign
  • Create a pre-launch strategy based on the ‘best practices’ in the field
  • Reach the local audience for your campaign on this site
  • Schedule meetings with interested contributors
  • Add additional information about your venture (videos, pictures, testimonials) that is not on the Portal.
Next Steps


If you are considering contributing to local campaigns, here you can

  • Find local campaigns, sorted by neighborhood, type of venture, etc.
  • See local testimonials from local people you know and/or admire
  • Learn more about the campaign than you can find on the Portal
  • Easily click over to the Portal to contribute
  • Arrange a visit with the campaigner to ‘press the flesh’ and make a personal assessment of the venture.


Next Steps

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