Introducing Queen City Clay

Queen City Clay wants to give you an art experience. We have no agenda and no hidden plans for your future at the shop. We simply know that when we get clay in someone’s hands and give them the tools to succeed, they change. People gain confidence, find purpose, get creative, and find community.

Our studio has grown to be one of the largest clay education centers in the country. Our growth has happened quickly and our educational offerings have expanded to encompass all levels of wheel throwing, hand building, and sculpture. We want to be the perfect home for beginners and professionals alike.

Through field trips and special events, we currently get clay into the hands of over 2,500 adults and children every year. This level of traffic is amazing for our mission, but disastrous to our energy and water usage. We want to be a leader in clay education and conservation in the arts. This is where we need your help.

How We Become More Efficient

With the addition of a new energy efficient BLAAUW gas kiln, our studio can continue to offer firings at our current rates, avoiding an increase in fees for our students and members. Gas and energy prices are rising, and arts funding is being cut all over the country. We need to remain an available and affordable resource to those who want, and need art experiences.

Teachers and students from all districts can continue participating in our programs if we keep field trip and firing costs at their current levels. This helps ensure that our diverse community can continue to grow. We want to freeze costs for these experiences and the firings that go along with them for the next decade.

Support NOW

This Campaign ends on Oct. 14