“Hello from Seth!

Most of you know I’ve been with Metro Scooter for a long time. The only full time employee for twelve years and the manager for the last seven. This January, I’m headed for a change. I’m thrilled to announce that I’m taking ownership of Metro Scooter in 2018!

In order to assume ownership of Metro Scooter, I will need working capital. I would like your help in making this passion a reality.

In return for your contribution, I am offering perks such as complimentary scooter service, limited-edition t-shirts, and an invitation to a exclusive scooter party!  With your support, I will be able to bring on additional staff, expand open hours, and improve service times.

We have long held the reputation in the region and nationally for comprehensive understanding of scooters and their care, especially Genuine and Vespa scooters.

In  founder Dave’s Ruewe’s own words: “Seth is the manager of Metro Scooter and is credited with it’s long-term success. Seth exudes passion for scooters and e-bikes. He is an experienced rider, knowledgeable in the riding characteristics of every bike in the showroom. Seth is Factory Certified with Genuine Scooters, Vespa, Piaggio, and Bosch. Seth is also the Metro Scooter customer service guru.”

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“What I love about riding a scooter is being in the moment. Nothing separates the rider from the scenery, and your commute becomes a joy. This is the core of Metro Scooter; it’s a way to get around better! David Rueve, who started Metro Scooter in 2003, built the heart of the shop to promote the fun and excitement of riding a scooter. Dave has decided to dedicate his efforts to other businesses, and is gifting Metro Scooter to me, for which I am extremely grateful.”

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