About The O’Keefe Music Foundation

The O’Keefe Music Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has nearly 300 videos and over 23 million views on Youtube. Yet we are perhaps best known for the cover of Tool’s “46 and 2” which is quickly approaching 9 million views.

The O’Keefe Music Foundation is composed of volunteers who generously donate their time to help fulfill the Foundation’s mission. 100% of all donations are used for music education and production. No rent, no utilities, no overhead….just a streamlined organization designed to help bring the work of young musicians to a global audience and educate them about music production.

Our mission is to enable children to record their musical performances for free. Through donations, children are provided with top of the line instruments, professional recording equipment and a team of engineers who help to capture these aspiring musicians at their best. In doing so, the foundation educates children about music production, performance, audio engineering, and the value of team work.

Our project is simply this–produce more content and help more children share their gifts with a global audience. This material will then be released through several different media: videos, digital downloads, 7 inch vinyl records and 12 inch vinyl records.

Here is some material that is in the works or up for consideration:

  • “Duality” Slipknot
  • “Burn” The Cure
  • “1952 Vincent Black Lightning” Richard Thompson
  • “Lateralus” Tool
  • “The Worst” The Rolling Stones
  • The NeverEnding Story soundtrack
  • Labyrinth soundtrack
  • Guns n’ Roses
  • Danzig
  • and many more…


Contact The O’Keefe Music Foundation: Email contact@okmusicfoundation.org | Visit okmusicfoundation.org