PupilBox glasses, light bulbs and eye drops protect you from the Artificial Blue Light of digital devices – morning ’til night

PupilBox’s Proprietary Technology Protects You From the Digital Eye Strain, Sleeplessness and Macular Degeneration That Too Much Blue Light Can Cause

PupilBox is a Cincinnati-based startup that is delivering education and personalized Blue Light protection for young professionals and their children.

Its team has worked hard to assemble the highest quality, most effective products in the marketplace today and built a box that contains everything essential for the health and safety of your eyes. PupilBox is designed to be a purposeful, holistic solution to better visual health for all visual lifestyles.

You can be the first to get glasses, light bulbs and special eye drops by backing PupilBox’s Kickstarter campaign. Hurry – it ends on June 1!

The Products You Can Get

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