By Rian Heist

Contest the Election of 1860 with Presidents and Civil War themed cards that include; Generals, Battles, and Spies!

Go Back to the Days When the “Party of Lincoln” was really the party of Lincoln. And You Get Much More Than a Vote!

RePresidency is a game that lets players re-run for president as this nations greatest presidents. Each Candidate for RePresidency has their own specific Social Values that sets them apart from other characters. The first game focused on current economic and political issues that we face today. It was based on the idea that current issues were not the same as they were in the past. It asked the question “would previous presidents have a chance in our current political climate?” With the new game, we will be answering a different question, “how would previous presidents been able to handle the Civil War and the nation in a time of desperation?”

Players will have cards using actual photographs, paintings, and individuals that were part of Civil War America. A lot of educators have been part of my previous campaigns, since the majority of them our historical in nature. It can be played by two to six players and the goal is to obtain the most electoral votes, each state that was in the Election of 1860 is up for grabs, with the historical electoral count of that election. Players will use cards to obtain these states, including Civil War Spies, Political Allies, and Civil War Generals. The game can be played stand-alone or combined with the previous game–which I have lowered the price to give backers the option to purchase separately on the Game Crafter. I am a father of two wonderful children, so I designed the game to be appropriate and fun. The game is suitable for families and is a great way to discuss one of the most important events in American History.


Play The Game: 2 to 8 players will have a chance to become president once again. The 33 States that make up the Electoral College in the Election of 1860 are up for grabs, the goal of the game is to win states and get the most votes. Each player will be dealt a total of three candidate cards–these will include 20 of our nations most influential Presidents throughout history. From those cards you will choose one candidate and that will be yours for the remainder of the game. Not all candidates will be able to gain states as easily as others, the ‘Political Allies’ cards can help get a candidate Electoral Votes that they normally could not get just on merit alone.

Throughout your turns; you will gain Political Allies and use their Historical Influence to gain States (each worth different Electoral Votes) and to assist in becoming the next RePresident. You will have to come up with the best strategy to ensure you get the most votes to beat your opponents.

Ryan Heist

Founder of West Aries

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