This fun, fast-paced and educational game will provide a great way for your family to come together at the holidays or any time of year.

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About D Clef Games

D Clef Games is committed to creating all artwork and prototypes locally. We prefer to work directly with the artists and manufacturers to produce a great product at the right price.

About Santa’s Sleigh Ride

Santa’s Sleigh Ride is the first of many games that will be created right here in Cincinnati. All of the artwork for Santa’s Sleigh Ride was created by local artists from Envoi Design.

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I am a teacher and I have experience instructing kids of all ages, ranging from kindergarten to college. It was important to me to include educational elements in the game (that do not feel like homework!). Your child can practice early math skills in a fun, engaging way. And, the whole family can talk about the cities of the world, how many people live there, and popular landmarks.

D Clef Games is a small studio founded by Ralph DiSylvestro. His mission is to design and develop a wide range of tabletop games from immersive RPGs to casual family games. Contact D Clef: Email | Call 215-681-2987