We’re bringing a fizzy, funky, and refreshing probiotic drink to you from the brew-crazed city of Cincinnati!



Let’s face it, soda isn’t the healthiest drink in the world.  Teas and juices are cool but sometimes you just want something different.  So about a year ago we decided to open a small brewery in Cincinnati, Ohio called Skinny Piggy and started making kombucha.  Kombucha ROCKS!  It’s fermented, probiotic, live culture tea – think cider or champagne without the alcohol.  Our Skinny Piggy Kombucha is craft brewed with a unique blend of premium, ethically sourced teas and combined with the highest quality ingredients. Skinny Piggy Kombucha is naturally energizing, super refreshing and loaded with healthy antioxidants.  Plus it even helps digestion, so it easily pairs with any meal. Skinny Piggy Kombucha currently has three part-time employees in the Cincinnati area. Right now this works with our scale  – each of us can handle a different part of the business. Once our production scales up, it will not be enough. I envision increased hours from all of us, and the hiring of a some full-time employees. Plus, we will be providing business to a local distributor that is looking to grow its non-alcoholic portfolio. If we can successfully establish ourselves as the primary kombucha brand in Cincinnati, we will be stopping a lot of money from exiting to Beverly Hills (where most kombucha is made), and keeping it local. Plus, the success of local kombucha will help our distributor strengthen its chops in the world of non-alcoholic drinks, and will be able to service other specialty local beverages. This will create a very friendly environment for other budding craft beverage entrepreneurs, and can help the region become a strong specialty beverage producer.

We’re scaling up production to meet the demands of Whole Foods and a regional distributor. To brew the quantity we need, we will move to Urban Artifact in Northside and purchase new equipment. With your help we can brew a local kombucha everybody can enjoy!

Praise for Skinny Piggy

“Ooooo this stuff’s great!” – Yvette Simpson, Cincinnati City Council

“Wow, this is really good!” – Naashom Marx, Covington Chamber of Commerce

“It’s not as tart as other kombuchas I’ve had! Good job!” – Bret Kollmann Baker, Urban Artifact


My passion lies in brewing. I’ve been brewing beer for almost ten years, but once I discovered the wonders of kombucha, I fell in love. It tastes great, but makes you feel even better. My personal goal has been to create a kombucha that everybody can enjoy! Contact: Phone 513-646-5753 Email brewmaster@skinnypiggykombucha.com